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Last Month's Meeting

Roger Ebner, Director of the City of Albuquerque's Office of Emergency Management emphasized that preparedness is everyone's job. Whether it's widlfires on the urban/forest interface, winter storms, or hazardous waste spills, all can affect our companies' ability to function. He urged attendees to think broadly and beyond their own buildings. What happens to your business operations if schools are closed? Parent employees might not be able to come to work. How do you respond? What hapens when a utility company turns off power or gas? If you haven't examined these possibilities and considered the costs they could bring, your emergency management and business continuity plan needs some work.

In one recent casualty drill, a participating company set up a scenario where seven top executives perished. What would an emergency management plan look like then?

How many of us have family emergency plans? Do we have supplies that could last us for 72 hours of sheltering in place if there were no running water, power, or communications? 

In May 2014, The City's Office of Emergency Management will conduct a Mass Casualty drill. If you or your company want to engage and learn from this execise, contact Roger Ebner at [email protected]

Ebner shared the PowerPoint of his presentation, which you can get here.

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Calendar of Events

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