Mary Gauer's January 2014 IFMA Credentialing Presentation

See the requirements for IFMA's FMP, SFP, and CFM Credentials

NM1 New Mexico Mem Application MDG 2-23-08

updated May, 2016 membership application

Joy Junction Wish List Dec 2015

For December meeting, this is a list of items Joy Junction has requested for Christmas Meals in a Box

Introduction to Acoustics:

How I learned to Stop Worrying an Love the Sound Level Meter

Recycling webinar 2015

Recycling Webinar 2015

Board Officer Position Descriptions

See the responsibilities of Board officer positions: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

2017 Conference Brochure

Conference Schedule of Events

Larry Morgan

Conference Presentation

Matt Proctor

Conference Presentation

Wayne Whitzell

Presentation Resources

V. Sue Cleveland High School

Power Point of the construction of Cleveland High School RRPS


Tying into the Smart Buildings Movement-Security Systems

Review the 3-11-14 Presentation by Daved Levine of SCI NM Inc.

Leadership plus Flooring Systems Presentation with Video Links

See text on leadership thoughts and flooring systems presentation with information on Nylon by Wardell Jeffries from 2-11-14 meeting

Maria Guy's Bio

Bio and Photo 2019

Norm Becker's Bio

Bio and Photo 2019

Kris Callori's Bio

Bio and Photo 2019

Mark Reynolds' Bio

Bio and Photo 2019

Susan Johnson's Bio

Bio and Photo 2019

Melora Lager's Bio

Bio and Photo 2019

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