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Feb 13

Daylighting with Electrochromics

Positive Energy With Windows





 Thank You!

IFMANM would like to thank Improve Group for sponsoring a portion of our December, 2017 Tour and Social.  You made the night very enjoyable for all who attended and your support of IFMANM is greatly Appreciated.



Sponsor of the Month

The Sponsor of the Month
for January, 2018 is
David Lujan with FloorTech

Floor Tech Contracting was started locally by David and Gloria Lujan in January of 2015. It is based upon a simple vision of customer's come first. We are an S corporation and a Hispanic woman owned business. Our biggest challenges are controlling company growth. With a workforce of 1 field superintendent and 12 flooring and ceramic installers we don't want to lose that personal touch with our customers.
Our most notable long time customers are the University of New Mexico, UNM Hospital and it's affiliates, Lovelace Hospitals, Bernalillo County and Sandoval County, CNM. Some local General Contractors we have worked with are LeeCon, Britton Construction, Skarsgard Development to name a few. Some notable projects we have had the privilege of working on are UNM Coronado Hall, The Kimo theatre, Hyatt Tamaya Resort, Carrie Tingley Hospital.
Floor Tech is enjoying our 4th year of doing business successfully in New Mexico and our mission statement is "Our success is not based upon money it is about being able to go out in public and not having to hide from a customer"










You wait for it all year……….

The NM chapter of IFMA presents another exciting Spring Conference with our signature innovative approach to FM issues.

Raising the Bar:  Tactics for Operational Excellence and Strategic Impact in Facility Management.  

Whether you are tenured in your position or new to your role, this year’s conference has something for everyone.  Top experts will show how you can become a strategic player in your organization. 

April 20, 2018
Sandia Resort and Casino

Stay tuned for more details - coming to you soon.




February 13, 2018  

Daylighting with Electrochromics

 Increasing window to wall ratio without energy penalty

Architects love to design with glass, and good daylighting design requires higher window to wall ratios. However, windows are often seen as the weak link in a building because of the solar gain increased window ratios bring. In fact there is significant downward pressure on window area in recent building code revisions because of the need to reach increasing levels of energy performance. However, the building energy equation is not just about thermal performance: Windows can be turned into an energy positive if used appropriately as part of an integrated façade. Electrical lighting energy accounts for around 20% of energy consumption in buildings, approximately 38% of total building electricity use and 22% of the total electricity generated in the United States. Up to 80% of this electrical energy ends up as heat generated by lights which then has to be removed by the air conditioning system. Therefore, optimizing the use of natural daylight to offset the use of electric lighting energy has the potential for significant energy savings at both the building and national level as well as for improving the quality of the built environment. This course will discuss the energy benefits of daylighting with electrochromics, how these systems are controlled, and design considerations such as quality of light and zoning. Example case studies will also be reviewed. AIA Credit is equal to: One Learning Unit HSW

Learning Objectives:

Summarize the role of daylighting, and describe its challenges for use in sustainable design – 25%

Describe active and passive dynamic glazing systems – 10%

Compare and contrast dynamic window options to electrochromic window systems with respect to energy management – 10%

Recall the process by which the electrochromic coating darkens or tints – 10%

List the four components that make up an electrochromic control system – 20%

Describe three different methods of electrochromic glazing control and a building user situation applicable to each – 25%

Course Outline

Section 1: Daylighting

Section 2: Window Design for Daylighting

Section 3: Electrochromic Windows and Daylighting

Section 4: Case Studies

Course#: sage201

AIA Credit is equal to: One Learning Unit HSW

As National Accounts Manager for SageGlass, Tyler E. Hall oversees the sales growth of SageGlass within the owner occupied, commercial vertical segment; yielding high volume, repeatable designs and securing long term contract based partnerships.

SageGlass pioneered the electrochromic glazing technology in 1989 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the world’s oldest and largest building materials company, Saint-Gobain. Representing the world’s “smartest window”, Tyler manages relationships from the owner and developer to the glazing and electrical sub-contractors in order to raise and spread awareness about electrochromic glazing, its benefits, and its solutions.

Tyler began his career in the building materials industry in 2011 with Berridge Manufacturing Company in San Antonio after graduating with his B.B.A. in Economics from UTSA. Tyler’s time in the industry took him from San Antonio to Denver where he was an Outside Sales Rep with Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope before moving to the DFW area in 2016 to pursue a career with SAGE. He is married to his college sweetheart, Frances, and they are currently expecting their first child, Caroline.


The Sponsor of the Month for this presentation will be:



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Welcome to IFMA New Mexico Chapter 

IFMA NM was honored to have Mary Gaurer, Representative in the House of Delegates perform the swearing in of our Officers for 2017/2018.


 2017-2018 Officers and Directors

Maria Dion, President, 2017-18pres@ifmanm.org
Jim Lloyd, Vice President, vicepresident@ifmanm.org
Andrew DeMattos, Past President, pastpresident@ifmanm.org
Rick Henrard, Program Manager, program@ifmanm.org
Diana Cordova, Treasurer,

Amy Townsley, Secretary, secretary@ifmanm.org

Peggy Baca, Director, dir@ifmanm.org

Marissa Oakeley, Marketing Chair, marketing@ifmanm.org
Amy Lawler, Sponsorship Chair, sponsorship@ifmanm.org
Mary Anne Giangola, CFM, Backup, backup@ifmanm.org
Maryhelen Pridham , Chapter Administrator newchapadmin@ifmanm.org

The energies of many people are needed for our Chapter to function. Would you like to get more involved? Contact one of the persons above to learn how.


Our numbers are growing! We are proud that our ratio of Professional to Associate members is 75%:25%. We appreciate our Associate members, as they are in the field every day contacting facility managers. As you can see, many of our Associate members are helping the chapter to grow even more. Thank you for your support! For more information about membership in the New Mexico Chapter of IFMA, contact Maryhelen Pridham.





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 Individual benefits:

  • Local, global and industry-specific networking with a knowledgeable and supportive community of facility professionals.
  • Opportunities to hone your skills, broaden your expertise and heighten your credibility in all FM-related areas.
  • Opportunities to grow, both personally and professionally — earn recognition with an IFMA credential, get involved in association activities and contribute to the advancement of your profession.
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  • Heighten awareness of issues, trends and legislation affecting the workplace.
  • Reduce liability risks through an informed FM staff.
  • Reliable information on the latest product and service solutions to meet your diverse workplace needs.


Visit:  www.ifma.org

Don't forget to join the New Mexico Chapter when registering.



The IFMA Spring Conference attracted 50 attendees and 15 sponsors to the Sandia Resort and Casino for a day of "Disruption & Resilience: from Surviving to Thriving."

Five speakers graced the conference hall with their perspectives on the topic. Here are some of the take-aways: 

Jonathan Lewis: Old principles of success may be your undoing.

Wayne Whitzell: Remember not to remember.

Matt Procter: Don't live in the "what" - live in the reason behind it.

Larry Morgan: What's it going to cost if we do this?  What's it going to cost if we don't do this?

Charles Rath: We must develop the capacity to adapt.

Other conference highlights: Board President Andrew DeMattos provided a great acknowledgement of Mary Anne Giangola for her years of service to the IFMA NM Chapter.  Los Angeles Comedienne Rachel Hroncich provided real-life disruption and emceed the event.

Attendees and Sponsors, we'll be sending a brief survey for your feedback. For those of you who missed the conference, we hope to see you at a meeting soon!

Click here to view Conference Brochure

  The  2017 World Workplace now has 11 of our members attending.

World Workplace 2017 Conference and Expo

  • Date: Oct?. 18-20, 2017
  • Location: Houston, Texas, USA
  • Venue: George R. Brown Convention Center